Our Guide to Villa Renovations

Remodelling a villa requires a level of expertise and thoughtfulness that differs from typical home renovations. In general, villas in Auckland are around 100 years old, and restoring their inherent character takes skilled craftsmanship. I Build Solutions is Auckland’s targeted specialist for villa renovations.

Reasons to Renovate Your Villa

Most people renovate their villas to make them more user friendly to the modern family. While homeowners buy a villa for its beautiful character and craftsmanship, there are many areas within these old homes that can seem disjointed and impractical. For example, villas can be limited in open-plan living areas and indoor-outdoor flow. Also, villas generally have no insulation and single-glazed windows, making them very cold in winter.

Many of our customers want the comfort and flow of a modern home but the character of an old villa, and we can make this a reality for them with practical designs and skilled craftsmanship.

The Costs of Renovating a Villa

Villas contain many intricate details that can only be restored by hand, and it takes longer to integrate the new renovations with the old parts of the house than in a newer home. Due to these considerations and the time it takes to seamlessly combine the old with the new, it can be more expensive than your basic renovation.

Villas can have high stud ceilings, wooden floors and decorative finishing elements, meaning a larger quantity of costly materials, such as native timber floor boards, are required in renovations. Due to the lack of common building standards 100 years ago, it’s difficult to predict what is behind some walls and under floors before demolishing. We often find old wiring and plumbing that needs to be replaced, as well as structural elements that would not meet the current building standards.

Choosing Experienced and Skilled Builders

I Build Solutions has undertaken numerous villa renovation projects in Auckland over the last decade. Some have been very large projects, gutting the entire home and thoroughly renovating it, and others have been smaller jobs to modernise rooms and reinstate period features. We understand what is needed to restore these beautiful old homes to their former glory while making them more appropriate for the modern family in New Zealand.

Because villas were handcrafted 100 years ago, we need to bring these old methods back when restoring these homes. We have the woodworking skills required to craft the finer details and retain the villa’s character. We get great satisfaction out of restoring these villas and blending the classic character with subtle, modern features.

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We have a wide network of suppliers and sub-contractors that also specialise in villa renovations, meaning we are the team you can trust with costly, intricate projects. To start your villa renovation, call us on 021 953 700 or contact us online.

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