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The Renovation Process

Renovating your home is an exciting process, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Whether it’s a complete home makeover or a quick refresh, it’s important to do your research. To help you prepare for your next big project, we’ve created this handy guide to the renovation process.

First Contact

It’s important to choose a builder who puts your best interests first. Make sure your builder is licenced and passes all requirements to take on your renovation project. Once you get in contact with your builder, it’s time to start discussing your plans. Making sure you’re on the same page with your builder about your project is essential. A clear, shared vision will help to avoid delays and misunderstandings as the project progresses.

Site Meeting

The first site meeting is an important part of any renovation project. This is the first time your building will see your home and is a great opportunity for you to communicate your plans. At this stage, your builder will ask further questions about your needs and desires, in order to offer the best possible solution. Some companies, like I Build Solutions, offer the first meeting free of charge.

Design and Consent

Once you and your builder have determined your needs, your architect will start creating initial concept plans for the project. An architect isn’t required if your renovation project doesn’t require consent before building. Your builder will communicate with you at every stage of the design process to ensure the final product meets your expectations and doesn’t exceed budget constraints.

Estimate of Project Cost

One of the most important things to consider when renovating your home is your budget. Once your concept plans are finalised, your builder is able to provide a cost estimate for the project. This estimate should take into account both labour and materials costs. However, unplanned factors such as price fluctuations in materials can affect the project’s final cost. In this case, your builder will provide an updated budget for you to approve before proceeding with any further work.

Construction Start Date

Once your design is finalised and all consent requirements have been fulfilled, it’s time to get started on your renovation project. Before any work can begin, you’ll be asked to sign a contract to ensure you have a clear understanding of all project expectations. From here, your builder will schedule regular site meetings to keep you up to date as your project nears completion.

Step into Your Dream Home

The most exciting part of any renovation project is seeing the end product. After signing off, your builder will keep in touch to make sure everything is running smoothly. Let your builder know immediately if you discover any problems with your new home – they should be more than happy to fix up any issues.

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