Case study: Moving a Mt Eden villa

Project type: Moving a villa forward on its site
Project year: 2018
Project location: Wynyard Road, Mt Eden

The Situation

The clients purchased the 120 year old kauri villa with the intention of renovating. They wanted to extend the house at the back but the backyard was not large enough to achieve what they wanted, so the decision was made to move the villa forward on the site.

The Process

The family moved out of the house and we demolished parts of the back of the house that were going to be replaced during the later renovation. To prepare for the house move, we braced up certain parts of the house to avoid too much movement inside. As the veranda wasn’t supported by the floor joists of the house, we had to consider that as a separate but connected part. We disconnected the services (power, water, gas, and wastewater) from underneath the house and we surveyed the site to ensure the house would be moved into the correct position. Finally, we prepped and leveled the site that the house was to be moved to.

The Process continued

A house moving company (Eurovision Building Removals) expertly lifted the house onto the back of a truck with hydraulic jacks and moved it into its new position on the site. While the house was jacked up on blocks (1.5 m in the air) pile holes were dug and piles were concreted into place. We replaced the existing house bearers, which are the beams that sit on top of the piles and lock the floor joists into place. Once all the posts were in the house was lowered and positioned on its new bearers. We then crawled around underneath the house and fixed the bearers to the posts and voila! House moved.

Cost of house move: $30,000-50,000 (highly dependent on site, house size, access, degree of difficulty)
Duration: approximately 1.5 weeks for this part of the renovation

This renovation is still underway so take a look at Instagram (@ibuildsolutions) for updates.