Renovating a Bungalow

Intricate projects take specific industry knowledge that can only be gained from experience. The team at I Build Solutions are the experts in Auckland bungalow restoration, using high-quality materials and seamless designs to integrate modern features into classic homes. We guarantee open communication and complete transparency while we undertake these exciting projects.

The Facts about Bungalow Renovations

Generally, bungalows in Auckland are more modern than villas however, they have an older style than modern homes, reflecting the fashion of the early to mid 20th century. Many of our customers choose to modernise the style and usability of their bungalows while retaining that beautiful, old character. Bungalows often have stunning wooden floors that have been covered by carpet for decades but they can be polished for fantastic results.

Bungalows typically lack insulation and double glazing, so homeowners can choose to make their homes more suitable for New Zealand weather. Due to their smaller rooms, customers can choose to extend or change the layout of a bungalow to better suit their lifestyle. Homeowners can modernise their bungalow and improve its usability while restoring some of the beautiful features of these older homes.

Gaining Council Consent

Generally, work that affects structural or water-tightness elements of older homes will require consent from the local council. Our experts will offer guidance on your project’s specifications and you can always check with your council.

Choosing I Build Solutions for Your Renovations Team

Remodelling older homes takes careful planning and expert finishes. The team at I Build Solutions have undertaken numerous bungalow renovation projects in Auckland – some large and some small. It’s important to us that we protect the heritage of a home while improving its usability and comfort.

We have the woodworking skills to replicate and blend classic features, using our wide network of suppliers and sub-contractors to achieve perfect results. To discuss the details of remodelling your bungalow in Auckland, call I Build Solutions on 021 953 700 or contact us online.

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